Anto Hall

Anto Hall

Anto was born into a proud hunting heritage, hunting and fishing with his Father from an early age in the Nelson region. Eventually, Anto spread his wings and targeted Lincoln University for study, knowing that it also included a rich resource of hunting opportunities around Canterbury, and met many like minded people including Dan Curley & Andre Alipate.

Anto's passion for the outdoors only grew while at university, spending more time with his mates in mountains than reading books in class, but he managed to achieve his goals in graduating Lincoln University giving him employment in the spectacular Southern Lakes Region which he now calls home.

Anto spends most of his spare time in the mountains and valleys surrounding his home town of Queenstown and is blessed to located within the heart of some of the best hunting and fishing in the world, boasting access to stunning rainbow and brown trout fishing and a wide variety of big game animals including red, fallow and white tail deer, wapiti (elk), chamois, goats and Himalayan tahr.

On top of all this, Queenstown is just a stone throw away from Southland - the duck hunting capital of NZ. The mountains down south produce extreme environments where the weather can change in a moment, putting a hunter through the most extreme challenges possible. Anto relies on his inner strength gained from years of pushing back against tough conditions to be successful in his pursuits. 

Hunting for Anto has become more than just a passion, it has become what defines him, driven by the mystery of exploring the wilderness, never knowing what is, or could be around the corner, it is the never ending journey that keeps him going.

The pinnacle of hunting to Anto is exceeding one's own goals, pushing himself beyond any barrier to achieve success, only then does he feel contentment and satisfaction.

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