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Featuring epic journeys into New Zealand's pristine wilderness, follow a tight knit group of passionate hunters as they tackle the toughest challenges the sport has to offer. Experience the thrill of the chase and satisfy your appetite for adventure.


New Zealand is one of the only places in the world where you can hunt the majestic Himalayan Tahr, but it’s much easier said than done!

We spend a week on ‘Rakiura’, capturing the minutiae of island life on this slice of untouched paradise at the bottom of New Zealand, and put in some incredibly long hours in the treestand in an attempt to nab an elusive whitetail buck on bow.

The first weekend in May signals the start of the Duck Shooting season in New Zealand. This momentous occassion is an absolute religion in the deep South.

Sika Deer are the jewel of NZ’s North Island, and are regarded as providing some of the best eating venison of all the deer species. With a reputation as being one of the most cunning of all deer species, their unique behaviour makes them a prized quarry amongst hunters.

After a huge Red Stag is spotted on a mid January reconnaissance trip, Dan & Sam return 3 weeks later in the hope of a return visit, and also in the hope that the big 12 pointer will have begun to strip his velvet to reveal the prized antler beneath.

In this episode, we head to the famous Molesworth Station, New Zealand’s largest working farm, to lend a hand in reducing Geese numbers, and have a lot of fun in the process.

After seeing in the New Year in Queenstown, Anto and Morgs hit the road for majestic Mount Cook National Park, home of NZ’s largest mountain, to the exact same spot where 12 months earlier a gigantic bull tahr managed to give them the slip.

Helicopters, white water rafting, jet boats, fly fishing, eeling and hunting spring red deer on the flats, this episode has a bit of everything! We’re joined by Josh James - AKA the Kiwi Bushman - on a colourful expedition in deepest darkest Westland.

We are joined this week by Emma, the newly married wife of one of our regular hunters Dan. We set out to bag Emma her first ever chamois buck, however, this roller coaster mission proves much harder than anticipated.

In this special double episode, the team head into Fiordland for the ‘Bugle’, the time of year when Wapiti, or Elk, the largest and most majestic of all deer species, are in full voice.

The entire Hunters Club team assemble in the mountains of the Mackenzie country, near Tekapo, on a mission to secure Himalayan Tahr for both the table and the trophy room.

The team head out into the hills of southern Marlborough on a pig hunt with a difference, integrating aerial filming, GPS tracking collars & remote camera dogs to showcase the sport in an entirely new light

After kicking things off with the classic Kiwi mai-mai based duck shoot, we change things up and adopt a style of shooting more commonly seen in North America; utilizing coffin blinds to shoot over recently harvested stubble paddocks

The rifles are left behind this week as bowhunter Tim is joined by good mate Hardie on a return trip to Stewart Island, with the aim of settling a little unfinished business from our first series – trying to nail an elusive white tail deer on bow.

More fun and games in Big Kuri Bay this week, as Tim sets himself the particularly tough task of bush stalking a white tail deer, before donning the neoprene to take advantage of Stewart Islands bountiful seafood stocks.

Anto and Andre battle some particular rugged conditions in the Southern Alps in an attempt to topple a trophy chamois buck. But, as they find out, things don’t always go according to plan…

We’re back with Tim and his dogs again this week, in pursuit of a big boar in the Blenheim back blocks. After a close encounter on the first evening, things turn a bit frantic as both pigs and dogs make life hard for hunters and crew alike!

Temperatures soar as Andre joins up with his Australian mate Adam and head into the remote Cape York Peninsula, on a mission to chase down some mean Aussie hogs with bow & arrow.

We’re joined by a few new faces this week as the Hunters Club team head out into the hills around Kaikoura in search of some tasty meat for the freezer, with Goat, Deer, Pig and Wild Ram all on the hit list.

In the climactic hourlong series finale, the team venture into the remote Southern Alps as part of the annual Tahr Ballot, in the midst of one of the most severe cold snaps in New Zealand’s history. Their aim - to topple a trophy Bull Tahr in full winter coat.

We kick things off with a concurrent Red Stag roar hunt which sees Dan and Anto head into a South Island ballot block, whilst Tim and Sam venture into remote South Westland. Whilst early proceedings force one team to make a dramatic change, there is certainly no shortage of stag encounters.

Our man Tim heads back to his old stomping ground for a full on week of hunting with his old cronies on Chatham Island, where they encounter a feisty wild pig population, capturing footage that blows any previous hog hunting material we've ever filmed clean out of the water.

This week’s episode boasts the most dynamic duck shooting action you'll have ever seen on NZ screens, and is sure to resonate with any waterfowler that has taken part in one of New Zealand hunting’s most traditional weekends.

This week sees the team on a Rod and Rifle mission to the West Coast, where they don the toolbelts to renovate a remote back country hut in need of some TLC. After completing their work, they spend a few days chasing meat for the freezer and fly fishing for giant trophy trout in pristine back country waters.

We're in Australia this week, following bowhunter Andre Alipate and his good mate Jamie Carle as they relive their youth on a hard yards Sambar deer hunt in the Victorian alps, where dense forest and snowy conditions put the lads to the test.

A species that has provided the Hunters Club with great challenges over the years, the Chamois is the focus this week. With wintry conditions in the heart of summer, the team are up against it, but as with all hunting, you’ve got to keep alert with fingers crossed right to the bitter end.

Majestic Fiordland takes centre stage this week, as a dozen keen Hunters Club members spend a week in this hunters paradise, savouring all that this phenomenal slice of paradise has to offer, with jaw dropping footage from both above and below the water.

Animal management is on the agenda for this episode, with the team venturing to Central Otago and South Canterbury to target Canada Geese and Wallaby populations which are in danger of ballooning out of control. In the process, they experience one of the most astounding afternoons of goose hunting action you'll ever see.

We head down to deepest, darkest Southland for an early Red Roar hunt in both open tussock country and tight bush. The stags are roaring and demanding attention, they certainly got ours!

We mix things up a bit with the final episode of the season, which takes viewers underwater to showcase the sport of spearfishing. Filmed in the Far North and Coromandel over a two year period with a range of NZ's greatest spearfishermen, there’s certainly no shortage of action!

Anto, Dan and his wife Emma return to the scene of a testing 2015 winter hunt in order to put to bed a little bit of unfinished business, but they find that lady luck is as fickle as ever!

Tim joins forces with good mate Dwane Herbert on a Winter mission to target fallow deer. However, things go off script somewhat as the team encounter a monstrous boar, as well as some unexpected visitors whilst spearfishing in Fiordland.

Anto & Sam endure some horrendous weather in vast Central Otago tops during their search for a roaring red, worthy of putting on the wall, an episode that is sure to resonate with a great many kiwi hunters.

Unlike our past duck shoots, this week it’s not about getting bag limits, as Anto and Blair are forced to overcome some self imposed restrictions in order to really recapture the thrill of the hunt.

The team venture to the Great Barrier Reef aboard a liveaboard catamaran in pursuit of hogs, giant trevally, coral trout and painted crays, all the whilst avoiding the attention of the local shark population.

Andre takes a new approach to chamois hunting during a quick skirmish into the Canterbury foothills, whilst Sam & Dan battle the heat as they set out in pursuit of a big buck in some stunning Otago high country.

Tim and Dan endure the rigours of hunting the dense bush of Fiordland on a mission to get up close and personal with a few roaring reds stags, and they certainly play ball!

The team set sail for the remote and revered Three Kings island group off the North of New Zealand, with the relatively simple aim of attempting to set a new Kingfish world record!

The Winter snows have receded and the first flush of spring sees Sam, Anto and Jess the Labrador venture out in search of some ‘Lowvember’ bull tahr and venison for the summer season ahead.

We return to the scene of some of the best hunting captured on the show – amazing Stewart Island, and in the process, manage to supersede anything we’ve filmed there in the past.

Andre and Tim head into a remote, ice laden block on the backside of Mount Cook in the midst of Winter, in search of big bull tahr and trophy chamois.

Dan & Anto jump the gun on the roar and get in early in search of a trophy stags and chamois in some stunning Central Otago high country

Andre and Kadin must overcome a number of obstacles in their pursuit of a big Spring bull tahr on bow in South Canterbury.

Dan, Anto and Ayson embark on a pest control mission in Waimate, targeting wallabies & pigs, but they can't turn down the chance to knock over a tasty fallow as well!

North Islander Andre plays tour guide in this episode, where he is joined by Southern men Tim for a mission in the Ureweras, and then later by Sam in the Kaimanawas in search of Rusa & Sika deer.

Dan & Tim embark on a Winter backpacking trip where everything that could go wrong for them does, so once the weather's warmed up a touch, Anto, Andre and Marty venture back in to try and set the record straight!

Andre imposes a few limitations on himself in trying to slot in a couple of roar hunts between work and family commitments, and finds that tracking down the elusive Sika Stag within the constraints quite a challenge!

Tim is joined by his Uncle Nige on a mission into the Clarence Valley, home to good numbers of large and aggressive boars, but a near disaster on the first evening forces a reshuffle of their starting lineup.

Three years, 8 locations, and a lot of miles under the feet went into making this episode, as the team pull out all the stops on their quest for a roaring red stag.

Anto, Dan and Marty head into Central Otago backblocks in the hope of finding a big paddler, but also do their part to help reduce the exploding goat population.

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