Andre Alipate

Andre Alipate

As keen a hunter and fisherman as they come, Andre Alipate is based out of Hamilton in the mighty Waikato. Handy to some of the best hunting the Bay of Plenty and Central North Island has to offer and the unique species that call this part of the country home.

Growing up in various parts of the Pacific and Australasia, hunting and fishing has always been a way of life for the proud Tongan. After cutting his teeth hunting red stag, tahr and chamois in the South Island for many years, the move back to the North Island has taken Andre out of the tops and back into the bush chasing sambar, sika, and more recently, rusa deer.

Andre specialises in more expedition back pack style hunting. He thrives on the physical and mental challenges any hunting trip brings, especially when the going gets tough, so he's no stranger to hard work in tough conditions. Hunting is not always about the trophy or filling the freezer.

Driven by adventure, it's the journey, the wilderness and the people you do it with that often make the most memorable trips for Andre. Whether it's with bow or rifle, hunting for Andre epitomises the most basic of primal instincts and skill.

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